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The way to slow down the aging of epoxy board

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I think the word we Aging everyone fully understood, as time goes on. Our body will slowly aging, people will try various methods to delay aging. Similarly, there will be aging epoxy board, in the end what ways it can delay the aging of it? This is what I share with you about today.

(1) Note that limit its use. Epoxy boards are generally more than 160 degrees distortion may occur. When you use, be sure the temperature of the plate.

(2) pay attention to maintenance. Maintenance means that protection plus maintenance. Visible conservation is also important. Generally, we should for electrical and electronic equipment to pause, fixed time for maintenance. Sheet can be detected, even if the discovery and solve problems.

  (3) Note that the storage environment. Many of my friends for long-term storage in the warehouse epoxy boards, dry air and not pay attention to environmental humidity. Usually most suitable environmental conditions are atmospheric moisture should not exceed 70%, a temperature of about 25 degrees is best.

(4) Do not put in direct sun. Some friends because epoxy boards stored in one place for a long time, you want to sun drying out, the general could put in direct sunlight, so that the performance characteristics of the plate for a hundred more harm than good, it is best to dry in the shade.

These are ways to delay aging epoxy board, if you have any questions? Welcome to inquire.